Melancholytron 1.64

Give your digital images a nostalgic feel


  • Change color, hue and saturation in images
  • Alter an image's focus for optimal emotional impact
  • Easy to use


  • Tricky to install

Very good

Melancholytron is a plugin for Photoshop that lets you alter digital images to give them an old-world, melancholy feel.

Photoshop users already know the popular graphic design tool already comes with a lot of great filters and effects. Plugins can give you even more options for image customization though, and that's exactly what Melancholytron does.

From Flaming Pear Software, developers of other plugins like Flexify and LunarCell, Melancholytron gives you a lot of different options to change the feel and appearance of your photos.

Users can change the color and tone of images with Melancholytron. You can even subdue an image's color in order to direct a viewer's focus to a specific area in your photo. This is not only an effective marketing tool for creating gorgeous ads but also makes your photo look even more professional, no matter what level of photographic background you possess.

If you want to give your images a nostalgic or subtly melancholic appearance, give Melancholytron a try.



Melancholytron 1.64

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